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About PlanCo Homes

We are a custom building company based in South Australia, proudly owned and operated by our family. We specialise in building new homes, as well as renovating and extending existing ones in Adelaide.

Our custom designs make each project unique, and we are committed to providing our clients with a special experience.


  • Add value and make a difference
  • Ensure commitment and dependability
  • Achieve only the best results
  • Provide peace of mind every step of the way


  • Enrich the lives of our clients
  • Build future proof portfolio’s  
  • Build strong supplier & partner network
  • Attention to detail in every aspect


  •  Integrity and honesty
  • Committed to innovation and excellence
  • We care for you and our staff
  • Quality every step of the way

Meet the Team

Masoud Sajdeh

Masoud Sajdeh


As the founder of PlanCo Homes, Masoud has over 25 years of extensive experience in both construction and business. His foundational principles and unwavering passion for crafting high-quality homes serve as a constant source of inspiration, propelling his team towards excellence.

In the role of Managing Director, Masoud has a key leadership position, driving management initiatives and spearheading the business development strategies of PlanCo Homes. With a profound enthusiasm for cultivating client relationships and leading his team to execute remarkable projects, Masoud brings a dynamic and innovative approach to the forefront.

Paris Fouladian

Paris Fouladian

Business Manager

With a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science and 15 years of dedicated service in the pharmaceutical field, Paris seamlessly transitioned her focus to the family business in 2021.

Behind the scenes, Paris works tirelessly to contribute to the development and growth of PlanCo Homes. While supporting Masoud, she plays a crucial role in maintaining the foundation on which our company was built. Paris’s passion for fostering strong client relationships is evident in every aspect of her work.

A maestro in orchestrating excellence, Paris remains an indispensable part of the PlanCo Homes team. Her commitment to our vision and her unwavering dedication make her an integral component of the PlanCo Homes family.

With our extensive background in the building industry, you can trust us

Behind PlanCo Homes stands a highly skilled and devoted team, boasting extensive experience of over 20 years in the realms of design, architecture, and engineering within the building industry.

With a deep understanding of our clients’ diverse lifestyles, we at PlanCo Homes go beyond conventional approaches. We offer comprehensive guidance and collaborate closely to create bespoke, innovative designs, ensuring each home reflects our clients’ individuality and exceeds expectations.

A distinct approach to designing & constructing your dream home

We are a family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to our craft and passionate about creating beautiful homes that enrich our clients’ lives. Each project is the result of extensive collaboration throughout each phase of our design and build Process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful approach that will suit our clients’ tastes and requirements for years to come.

Competitive and Fair Pricing

At PlanCo Homes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to offering competitive and fair pricing for all our services. With a focus on transparency and integrity, we ensure that our clients receive the utmost value for their investment.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Experience peace of mind knowing that with us, you’ll always find exceptional value and fair pricing tailored to your needs.

Interior design that is timeless and thoughtful

Our interior design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that stand the test of time while reflecting the unique personality and lifestyle of each client.

With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, our team crafts interiors that exude warmth, comfort, and style. From classic motifs to contemporary flourishes, we blend elements seamlessly to curate spaces that feel both timeless and contemporary.

At PlanCo, we believe that thoughtful design is the key to transformative living. Our goal is to create interiors that not only look beautiful today but continue to inspire and delight for years to come.

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Our goal is to provide your family with a great house. We would be delighted to walk you through every step of the construction process, including prices and dates, to ensure that you have a positive experience. We eagerly anticipate meeting you soon!

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