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We specialise in custom-built homes, strategic extensions, and stunning home renovations from the very first step. We are committed to delivering flawless builds that exceed expectations based on decades of hands-on experience and an intuitive understanding of customer needs.

We are the perfect team to help you realize your dream of creating a custom designed home. We have extensive experience with all different styles, and can provide assistance in finding suitable land or subdividing an entire land if needed! 

Custom New Homes

We have the resources and materials to construct custom-built homes that are both beautifully designed and flawlessly executed. Our builds can accommodate your growing family or a modern or classic home.


We take all the hassle out of the subdividing & council approval process. We’ll navigate the array of regulations, planning, and utility service providers on your behalf.

Design & Planning

Using the latest 3D modelling technology our experienced designers & architects will go the extra mile to make sure your vision is exactly embedded onto the paper.

Brokers or real estate agents referral

We have an exclusive access to the best loan brokers and real estate agents in Adelaide that can help you with the loan application process or even to sell your house.

Land development, sub-division, house rebuild

As experienced builder and property developer, we work with you to design, create and deliver your dream home. PlanCo Homes benefits from reliable and highly experienced team of real estate agents, planning experts, designers and architectural and engineering professionals who work together to ensure that you will achieve 100% of your desires.


The building design and planning stage is a collaborative process. At PlanCo Homes we aim to design your dream home. Our experienced designers and architects will provide you with the necessary support to help create your ideal building design. Your designs will be unique to you and incorporate features that align with your lifestyle.
At PlanCo Homes, we use 3D modelling technology to help you visualize the details of your beautiful new home prior to the building stage.


We have a fixed price contract policy to maintain a good and honest relationship with our customers. We will provide an in-depth building document which will includes every aspect of the build. Additionally, we will take responsibility for making sure the construction of your future home stays on schedule, within your initial budget and up to your standards.


Within PlanCo Homes, our site management team is responsible for ensuring that our experienced contractors are on site and working to our high expectations and standards. Through our years of experience, we have developed extensive networks with contractors within the industry. These relationships have enabled us to reduce time, money and stress to undertake successful property management. In addition, we maintain regular contact with you, keeping you up to date on the process.

At PlanCo Homes, we believe in keeping open lines of communication with our clients so they can stay informed and feel confident their project is in capable hands.

Building Inspections

If you feel more confident having a qualified inspector visit a property you are interested in prior to purchase, PlanCo Homes has qualified inspectors with extensive knowledge who are able to make professional judgment regarding your interested property and whether it meets building code requirements. Our inspectors conduct quality building inspections that can potentially identify hidden defects. Overall, you can rest assured that you get the best advice and feedback at PlanCo Homes.

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Our goal is to provide your family with a great house. We would be delighted to walk you through every step of the construction process, including prices and dates, to ensure that you have a positive experience. We eagerly anticipate meeting you soon!

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